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Straton Munsterman

Project Summary

The building owner is a farmer in the Appleton City, MO area, and the primary use of this building is to service and repair equipment as well as serve as agricultural equipment storage. The insulated shop area is 80’ x 75’ with the remaining non-insulated 80’ x 75’ being used for storage. The Straton Munsterman project was built with thoughtful features to maximize its use and convenience for the facility.

The shop has full wall and ceiling liner panel with the ceiling containing a perforated metal panel to help with sound deadening. The shop area is heated with a radiant floor system. We installed 2 large windows in the west endwall to let in significant natural light. The front sidewall has a 4’ eave extension. Even though the building has gutters and downspouts, this extension adds extra weather protection. Additionally, large fan helps keep air moving efficiently in the summer.

The cold storage area of the building has a full footing and curb wall to keep out varmints and provide a good weather tight seal. Also, extra steps were taken to ensure the insulated partition wall is totally sealed off from cold storage area.

Scope of Work

Koehn Building Systems provided the following services for this project:

  • Project drawings and restroom layout for plumbing details
  • Concrete services
  • PEMB
  • Overhead doors
  • Electrical
  • Radiant barrier pex tubing for the heat in the floor system
  • Restroom framing and finish and rough-in plumbing

Project Specifications and Products Used

Pre-engineered Metal Building

  • 80’ x 150’ x 19’
  • 2:12 roof slope
  • 4’ eave extension on front sidewall
  • Wainscot
  • 26’ x 16’ overhead door, insulated, roof pitched, door has 6 - 24’’ x 6’’ insulated windows
  • 24’ x 16’ overhead doors, non-insulated, roof pitched track, with 6 - 24’’ x 6’’ insulated windows
  • 12’ x 10’ overhead door, insulated, with 72’’ of high lift and roof pitched, 3 - 24’’ x 6’’ insulated windows
  • 60/30 Andersen 100 series fixed windows
  • 30/70 entry doors with dead bolt and auto closures

Insulation Package

  • 4’’ blanket insulation in roof and walls

Concrete Services

  • Foundation, piers, slab, curb wall
  • 80’ x 75’ x 6’’ slab in insulated shop area
  • Footing and curb wall in cold storage area

Project Location

Appleton City, MO

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