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Gary Cook

Project Summary

This customer, Gary Cook, is a farmer in the area and needed an insulated shop to do their service and repair work. Additionally, there was a need for additional cold storage to get equipment out of the elements. Instead of doing two separate buildings, we incorporated these requirements together by insulating a partition wall which separates the two areas with an entry door for access.

Additionally, the building features a nice office in the corner with overhead storage and lounge room above. One aspect that was highly important to the owner was floor drains that worked reliably. Much time and effort were given drawing up the floor plan with drain locations and sweep areas for maximum functionality. A continuous drain went along the side with all the overhead doors and also in the bay area of endwall door.

The owner wanted the floor to drain successfully even in the event of the doors being open during rain with no water running to the wall areas. This was accomplished!

Additionally, the space under the stairs was effectively used to mount the boiler and manifold system for the heated floor.

Project Specifications and Products Used

Pre-engineered Metal Building

Building A

  • 80’ x 200’ x 18’ 6’’
  • 2:12 roof slope
  • Insulated shop area - 80’ x 75’ (remaining 125’ area cold storage with open front wall)
  • Full height wall and ceiling liner in insulated shop area
  • Radiant floor heat system (with high value 2’’ foam system design specifically for radiant floor heat)
  • 30’ x 18’ overhead door
  • 22’ x 16’ overhead doors
  • All overhead doors are double-sided steel with 24’’ x 12’’ insulated windows
  • As mentioned above, there is an office and overhead room and storage (the building owner took care of this aspect of the project)
  • The floor plan for rough-in restroom plumbing and drains were drawn up by Koehn Building Systems


  • Foundation, piers, and slab

Project Location

Butler, MO

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